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Personal Photos with Santa That Will Leave You Cheerful!

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At Santa Claus and Company, we offer Santa photos during any Santa bookings and paid visits. From your entry into the venue until departure, you are welcome to capture special moments through Santa photos. Santa is willing to pose with individual children and their families as he spreads seasonal joy to everyone! These special memories of your Denver, CO Christmas are not just pictures. They are moments in time to be kept for generations to come.

When they are posing for Santa photos, be sure that your children show off their special candy canes, made from Santa’s never-ending supply of reindeer milk. Santa also offers his secret chocolate chip cookies that have nine chips each, representing the nine reindeer—Ho! Ho! Ho!


We are also offering a new package deal this year, working alongside a professional photographer that will capture the magic of the visit forever.

All of our Santa Clauses and Santa photos are governed by the Fellowship of Servant Santas (FOSS), an organization comprised of professional Santas. This group upholds the traditions of Saint Nicholas, historically considered to be the Bishop of Myrna and the predecessor of today’s Santa Claus who lived his life and ministry anonymously. He served God by doing good deeds within his community.

As a protector of children and a compassionate benefactor of the poor and less fortunate, Saint Nicholas’ life was dedicated to keeping the spirit of Christmas alive all year long. Today, Servant Santas emulate the generosity of Saint Nicholas by offering their services to homebound individuals stricken with life-threatening illness and to children with special needs. These Santas volunteer their efforts to cheer and comfort True Believers, and we schedule sessions year-round.

We will take the time to make sure that you get the extra special Santa photos that you will cherish for years to come. Please contact Santa Claus and Company for FOSS services available in Denver, CO

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