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We are Colorado’s Choice Christmas Clausing Company.

Santa Claus and Company is proud to introduce a Santa visit that will take you and your children on a journey into Santa’s magical world that creates special memories in children’s minds that will last a lifetime. The visit begins with Santa’s special look which will remind you of the images that are seen in movies and in pictures of Santa Claus. Santa is dressed in his special suits that range from his workshop clothing all the way to his Christmas Eve toy delivery suit which are designed to assure you and the children that they are meeting the “real Santa Claus”.

We pride ourselves on offering the ultimate Santa experience in Colorado and quite possibly the entire country. This unique Santa Experience has been called a “Santa Odyssey”. Many clients proclaim that we give you “The Most ‘Red & White’ for Your Green!”


Our Santa's pass out presents, discuss good and bad behavior, stamp children’s hands for the nice list, and even supply children with a card listing things to do to stay on the nice list! We believe that Santa Claus is about the spirit of giving and Christianity, and not greed—meaning we go the extra mile to provide children with an uplifting, moral message.If you live in Denver, CO, you may know of Santa Claus and Company already, as we were voted on Denver Channel 7’s “A list.” We have also been regularly featured in the Rocky Mountain News. With so much great publicity, we are proud to uphold our excellent reputation year after year.

You may even have seen a very special Santa Claus, the owner of Santa Claus and Company, appear on the program Dog the Bounty Hunter! When Dog decides he needs to help his son Garry believe in Santa Claus again, he sets out on a hunt for the real Santa Claus through the Colorado Rockies, complete with children and grandchildren in tow. 3 of our Santa's were on that show which aired December 23, 2009. The “Hunt For Santa” It has been called a great American classic.Now that you know who we are, we would like to invite you to celebrate the Christmas season with us. If you would like to book one of our legendary Santa's, please contact Santa Claus and Company directly today!

Who We Are

At Santa Claus and Company, we pride ourselves on offering the ultimate Santa experience in Denver, CO. We are here to give you “The Most ‘Red & White’ for Your Green!”
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