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Delivering Smiles To You Right On Time!


Santa Claus and Company believes that the greatest gift anyone can ever receive is the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. As such, we respectfully undertake our professional “Claus-ing” efforts in celebration of the Infant’s birth at Christmas, while preserving the traditional joy and merriment that accompanies a visit with Santa Claus. All of our Santa appointments encourage an open, loving, and compassionate heart for the children and adults we visit.

All our Santa’s have arms big enough to hug each person, child or adult, who needs or wants a hug. Their ears are always willing to listen, and their eyes see the children as they are seen by the loving eyes of their Creator. Our mission is to provide a voice that affirms God’s love as expressed through the joys of the Christmas season to every child and adult who believes. We promise this in His service. The Fellowship of Servant Santas is an entity within Santa Claus and Company. We offer year round volunteer Santa visits to children with life threatening illnesses. We prefer to do our volunteer visits outside of the December time frame, but Santa John and Tom will make exceptions based upon our December availability.

During and after Santa appointments, we encourage all guests and Santas to send us prayer requests so that we may pray for them. This all began with Santa John, who wore the red and white suit for five decades. His spirit lives on, and today, we bring the joy and love of the Christmas season to an unending number of True Believers of all ages. Through his professional “Claus-ing” efforts, Santa John is remembered as “THE” Santa Claus in the greater Denver area.

Our kind and gentle Claus’ are attended by magic, merriment, and a respect for the true meaning of the Christmas holiday, no matter where we travel. Children ages 1 to 100 immediately know they are with the real Santa when they encounter Santa —we always respond in kind, taking as much time as we need to touch the heart and tickle the funny bone of every true believer.

Make a Santa appointment as part of your Christmas holiday plans, and do not settle for less than the very best the season has to offer. Choose Santa Claus and Company, your Choice Christmas Clausing Company

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