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The Most 'Red and White' for Your Green

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When you choose Santa Claus and Company for a visit to your home or office party, a professional Santa will arrive in character in a very authentic costume! After greeting the children with a special, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” calling everyone to gather near, he will assure the children of his loving nature. Santa will make each child feel special and secure, while sharing his unique perspective on life at the North Pole to include stories about his favorite reindeer and special elves. Upon request, Santa can read a classic Christmas story or a special story of his choosing.

During our Santa visits, we will present the true meaning and spirit of the Christmas season. Whether we are singing recognizable Christmas songs or spending one-on-one special time with each child, the spirit of Jesus Christ and Christmas will be in everyone’s heart. Many of our clients have nicknamed us Christmas Joy.

Each child may sit with Santa while he checks their behavior over the past year. Santa will encourage them to keep up the good work. Then, he will listen to each child’s Christmas list request, making each child feel special and loved. All of our Santas have been especially trained on how to take pictures with toddlers or even older children who don’t want to. This is not a mall setting so Santa has a number of tricks up his sleeve and time to get the right picture opportunity. We carry props etc.

Santa will check each child’s behavior by using his unique “Nice List” Stamp. We like to call this time the “Nice n’ Naughty Check-up.” On occasion, there might be a re-check if the stamp does not appear on the first check. This opens opportunities for discussion about behaviors in the past week that might not be acceptable to Mom and Dad. It’s a big step and a proud moment when the child can see that he or she indeed is on the “Nice List”. The stamp usually goes on the back of the hand but some children and Santa occasionally get creative. Each child then receives a card encouraging him or her to keep on being good in the upcoming year, and providing guidelines for good behavior that Santa values. The front of the card says, “Keep On Being Good, Love Santa”. The back of the card has 9 suggestions on how to demonstrate good behavior. Many grandparents and parents post this card on the refrigerator all year.

All guests are welcome to take as many pictures as you would like during these very special Santa appearances. We suggest having all parents and grandparents and family members become involved in this process as these memories will last a lifetime. Children of all ages will receive a special candy cane upon Santa’s departure. To enjoy and share in this special “Santa Odyssey” with your children or organization, arrange a Santa booking by using your android, tablet, etc, book a visit online, or go old school and call our Santa appointment desk 303-431-9002.

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